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Washing grids for cleaning systems

Washing grids made of PP and PA

Washing grids are seperators that have been specially developed for cleaning your products in cleaning systems. This prevents your parts from touching and damaging each other.

A distinction is made between two different processes in cleaning systems, namely cleaning systems which work with aqueous solutions and which work with solvents such as Per and Tri. For systems with aqueous solutions, washing grids made of polypropylene (PP) are used, which are characterized by a heat resistance of up to 100 ° C and are resistant to aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis and salts as well as a large number of organic solvents. However, PP is unsuitable for concentrated, oxidizing acids. For cleaning systems that work with solvents, we recommend washing grids made of polymid (PA). These are characterized by their very high heat resistance of 120 ° C in continuous use and are used with weak acids and alkalis, alcohols, lubricants and petrol. With a shorter duration, PA can even be used up to 160 ° C and can only be used to a limited extent with strong acids and alkalis.

With our washing grids, you even save money because the optimal ventilation means that your parts need less time to dry .

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  • Resistant to heat: approx. 100 ° C *

  • Elasticity: approx. 8%

  • Resistant to aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis and salts as well as a large number of organic solvents. Unsuitable for concentrated, oxidizing acids.



  • Resistant to heat: approx. 120 - 160 ° C *

  • Elasticity: approx. 16%

  • Continuous use with weak acids and alkalis, alcohols, lubricants, petrol

  • Limited use with strong acids and alkalis

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