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Nets - For industry or private

Here you will find a part of the available protective nets.


We have protective nets for the industrial sector such as protective sleeves and seperators , washing grids for chemical cleaning or pallet rack safety nets.


For agriculture, Gardening and Landscaping or for general purposes, there are plastic grids made of different materials, just the right grid for every application.


For bakeries and confectioners, we have bread packaging networks as a transport network. These are of course food safe and 100% recyclable.


For clubs we have ball catch nets for all kinds of sports. You can conveniently order a part directly from us in the online shop. We can also offer goal nets for football, handball, hockey, ice hockey or lacross. There are different colors and thicknesses, according to your wishes.


If you have special inquiries or are missing a certain net, please contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.

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