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Ball catch net to protect people and property

Ball catch nets serve on the one hand to protect the public at sporting events and on the other hand they also protect the property of others.


Whether an accident in football, a missed tee in golf or a deflected ball in hockey - in many situations, safety nets slow down the speed of the balls and thus prevent spectators or passers-by from flying balls. In addition to injuries to people or damage to third-party property, lengthy processes often involve considerable costs.


We cannot give you the promise that this is a thing of the past, but we can significantly reduce the risk. We are happy to help you realize your project and advise you on the various mounting options.

Made in Germany

Polypropylene is durable and ideal for outdoor use

Ball catch nets are usually made from low-cost polyethylene (PE) or high-quality polypropylene (PP). Our PP ball catch nets are made from braided and colored filament yarn. Thanks to the knotless intertwining, which is no less stable than a knotted connection, the net remains absolutely dimensionally stable. Since sports nets are used outdoors all year round, a weather-resistant material is particularly important. Because should the meshes become brittle due to extreme sunlight, moisture or cold, the nets lose their original structure, fray and no longer offer protection.

Quality networks made in Germany

Our ball catching nets are produced exclusively in Germany and are not bought on the Asian market. Your satisfaction and security are very important to us. Regular quality checks guarantee the high standard of our products. Our nets and fabrics are designed for the highest demands and are characterized by a particularly long service life.

Non-toxic and harmless material

It is repeatedly observed that protective nets made of toxic materials are also used in children's and youth clubs. Our ball catch nets made of PP are absolutely non-toxic. The health of our children should be an important aspect of network use. Children are much more sensitive to harmful chemicals, especially when they are growing, especially when you consider that harmful material can also be transferred to other substances. Our non-toxic ball net is therefore the safer decision for real winners.

Was sind eigentlich Materialstärke, Maschenweite und Randverstärkung?

Ball catch nets for soccer

  • Mesh size 120 mm

  • Thickness: 3.0 mm / 4.0 mm / 5.0 mm

  • Standard widths: 20 m / 25 / m / 30 m / 35 m / 40 m / 45 m / 50 m / 55 m / 60 m

  • Standard heights: 4 m / 5 m

Ball catch nets for handball and indoor soccer

Do you need individual sizes or safety nets for other purposes?

Simply fill out the contact form and we will immediately prepare the right offer for you!

Mesh size
  • Mesh size 100 mm

  • Thickness: 3.0 mm / 4.0 mm

  • Standard widths: 20 m / 25 / m / 30 m / 35 m / 40 m / 45 m / 50 m

  • Standard heights: 4 m / 5 m / 6m

Ball catch nets for field hockey

  • Mesh size 45 mm

  • Thickness: 3.0 mm / 4.0 mm

  • Standard widths: 40 m / 45 m / 50 m / 55 m / 60 m

  • Standard heights: 4 m / 5 m